Sadly, due to PNG being such a very expensive country to get to and then with everything in country also being expensive, the cost for a single person expedition is very, very high.

This is due to not being able to share the main costs with others such as the two town river transfers, guide, canoe man and all fuel consumption.

To overcome this, PNG Frontier Adventures now offers TWO dates per year when solo travellers can get together to share an expedition and thereby reduce the cost per person.


These 2 special expeditions are offered in in JUNE and OCTOBER each year and are dependant on at least 2 solo travellers up to 4 persons sharing 4 nights/5-day expedition on the Sepik river.

Indicative Costings


Factors influencing the cost of expeditions include the fluctuation of the PNG currency, “the Kina”, the spiralling rise in inflation within PNG as well as the fact that each “Adventure Expedition” is individually planned to suit the client’s wishes and requirements. It is very difficult, therefore, to give actual costings until we know exactly what your requirements are. We do not offer a standard ‘Package Tour’.

Other factors which influence costs greatly:

Transportation transfers to and from Wewak to the river and back.

High cost of fuel for both the town and river transfers and also the motorised canoes.

On which part of the River you will be travelling – the further up the Sepik, the higher the cost due to logistics and fuel consumption.
How many miles along the river one travels, due to varied fuel costs. Lower Sepik has less costly motor fuel than the Middle Sepik and in the Upper Sepik fuel is scarce and at an even higher cost.
The size of the group to share the costs. For example one person hiring a guide, canoe, paying for all the fuel etc is more expensive than if 4 people go on the expedition and share all the main costs between them.

Bearing all these factors in mind, below are the approximate prices based on Solo Travellers (FA 05) with 4 nights and 5 days on the river.
2 pax sharing = US$ 2,450 per person

4 pax sharing = US$ 1,800 per person

6 pax sharing = US$ 2,000 per person

8 pax sharing = US$ 1,500 per person

Your Sepik Adventure can be longer or shorter depending on your time and wishes.

The above costs cover your 2 nights’ accommodation costs only in the “ In Wewak Boutique Hotel” in a standard air conditioned room at the beginning and end of your Sepik River expedition.

We offer 10% discounted rates for PNG residents and volunteers working in PNG.

Please contact us, without any obligation, for further information and more accurate costings.


Reality Checks!

Change of Plan
PNG Frontier Adventures puts great emphasis on experience and interaction with the village people. To fulfil this experience you will stay in remote villages and be exposed to the same travel limitations and hazards as the villagers themselves.

PNG Frontier Adventures will do everything possible to organise your expedition itinerary as requested, however, due to the remote nature of the destination and possible sudden changes in the tropical weather conditions and lack of reliable communications, when on the Sepik, changes of plans are sometimes necessary. For example, transportation may be, in rare occasions, unreliable or disrupted.

We make plans to cover most problems should they arise, which is very seldom, but the visitor must be aware of the small possibility of plans not working out as per schedule and accept this warning. Please be assured we will do everything in our powers to rearrange the expedition accordingly and find suitable solutions for you. However PNG Frontier Adventures cannot be held responsible for sudden changes of plan when there is no alternative.

Please be aware that any additional costs incurred in rearranging a disrupted itinerary will be your responsibility and/or your travel insurers.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that all visitors obtain their own travel insurance to cover forced cancellation of the tour due to unexpected circumstances, eg., bad weather conditions causing stoppage of flights, loss of baggage or personal items, medical emergency, and forced changes to your itinerary due to reasons beyond our control or planning.

Food & Water while on the River.

Food while on the Sepik River will be very basic and simple due to the lack of any refrigeration & power supply along the river. Daily meals will consist of rice with either tinned fish or meat and/or fresh fish and chicken together with fruits. We also pack eggs for the first part of the expedition.  There is not any bread or bakery outside of Wewak town. We provide bottled drinking water throughout the expedition. It is important to understand the basic reality of this remote region and the limitations’ it makes on our provisions.

Local Accommodation

We also wish you to understand that due to the remoteness and lack of development at the location that the village guesthouses and home stays are of a very simple, basic standard and in no way comparable to guesthouses in many other countries. For example, the toilets are pit toilets, the same as the villagers use, beds will be mattresses on the floor covered with mosquito nets, washing areas may consist of a bucket and scoop or a dip in the Sepik River.

Wewak Town Hotel Accommodation

PNG Frontier Adventures books and pays for visitors for a standard room into the “In Wewak Boutique Hotel” a local high-quality hotel both prior and post a Sepik River Adventure but does not take responsibility for the standard or service of meals and facilities within the local hotel management. Clients pay for all food and drink consumed in the hotel direct to the hotel.

Guests are responsible for full payment to cover, food and beverages in the hotel. This hotel accepts credit cards.


Lately, mobile telephone communication towers are gradually being constructed along the Sepik River giving reasonable coverage mainly in the Middle Sepik River locations.


PNG Frontier Adventures advises visitors that transportation on our adventures will include dug-out timber motorised canoes and car hire from local rental firms. These forms of transport may not be carrying safety equipment such as life jackets, flares or emergency radios as the law in PNG does not require this standard as yet.

PNG Frontier Adventures informs the visitor that medical services are very limited here and rescue services even more limited. With that in mind we ask our visitors to visit your doctor before travelling to PNG and to ensure you start taking prophylactic medication against malaria to be on the safe side. Please also check on your travel insurance and medical insurance.




Booking Information, Terms and Conditions

Upon receiving an enquiry we design and plan your personal itinerary via emails and provide a quotation for your perusal.

Once you are happy with the arrangements and wish to proceed with a booking, we ask for a deposit of 50% to be paid 8 weeks prior to the commencement date. As soon as we have the deposit your booking reservation is confirmed. We ask for the final balance of payment 4 weeks before the expedition commences. Cancellation within 2 weeks of the commencement of the expedition incurs a penalty of 100% of monies paid to date.

The reason for this pre-paid booking system is due to the limitations of banking facilities, credit card facilities and currency exchange facilities within Wewak, coupled with the need to purchase fuel and food prior to your intended arrival. In many cases we need to have purchased the fuel beforehand and have it on the river ready, ahead of your expedition. We organise everything needed for your adventure; all you need to bring is your own personal effects and any spending money for the purchasing of artefacts or for extra food and drinks when up the river.

Please note a full breakdown of the expedition costing cannot be provided. Please also be aware that while we provide a standard room at the “In Wewak Boutique Hotel” we do not include the cost of additional accommodation or food or drink in the hotel in our quotation. Guests pay the hotel direct.

PNG Frontier Adventures does not accept liability for and indemnifies itself from any claims for loss, damages, personal injury or sickness from/to the client/visitor and medical insurance. PNG Frontier Adventures reserves the right to cancel wholly or part or revise the itinerary plans due to current tribal situations, bad weather conditions or detrimental acts of nature at the time of, or just prior to the commencement of, the expedition.

PNG Frontier Adventures offer these terms and conditions in accordance with the Law of Papua New Guinea.

Payment of the required deposit to PNG Frontier Adventures assumes automatic acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned above.